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AdTech Environmental – treating and recycling precious water

AdTech Environmental Pty. Limited is an Australian-owned company. We offer key technologies that help transform liquid waste into clean, recyclable water and offer substantial cash savings in the process.

AdTech has established an exceptional record for treating highly polluted and toxic waste streams that few major companies using traditional technologies can match. In particular, the company has had spectacular success treating wastewater from the aviation industry. This requires specialist solutions for unique wastewater problems, which AdTech has successfully provided across all air base operations including:

AFFF wastewater from fire fighting training exercises

Maintenance/Repair/Overhaul (MRO) including

  • corrosion control from de-paint/repaint operations
  • jet engine reconditioning in Engine Business Units
  • electroplating; and
  • non-Destructive Investigative operations (NDI)

General airfield operations such as oil/water separators and interceptors

If you’re an:

  • Environmental Officer
  • E H & S Manager
  • Engineer
  • Aviation Workshop Manager
  • Consultant
  • Defence Garrison Support Officer

… and have an aviation-related wastewater problem that needs the right solution, contact AdTech Environmental and we'll be back in touch within 24 hours to discuss your wastewater issues.

Latest News

2016 - AdTech helps grow healthier Murray Cod

AdTech has recently installed a plant at the Marianvale Blue Murray Cod Farm in Towrang, NSW to better clean the farm’s purge tanks and enhance the flavour (and value) of the species for export to Asia... more

World Water Day 22nd March 2016

March 22nd was World Water Day and this year's theme is 'Better Water, Better Jobs'... more

"AdTech Environmental has treated wastewater from the corrosion control facility/paint shop at Army Aviation Centre, Oakey for almost two decades. This facility has been managed for Defence by Hawker Pacific, Helitech and now Boeing.

"The water is highly contaminated with solvents, strippers and chromate-based prep. products, but AdTech always delivers clean, clear, treated water for re-use within the facility. Both the AdTech treatment system and the company's staff are efficient, safe and reliable. And cost savings are significant... it was costing Defence almost twice as much to have this wastewater carted away and treated off-site as it does to have AdTech provide its on-site treatment service.

I highly recommend AdTech's unique wasterwater treatment to any other Aviation company."

Mr Dan Badellino
Paint Shop Supervisor, Ret.