Specialists in treating the Aquaculture industry


AdTech Environmental supplies custom designed filtration plants for intensive Aquaculture operations. The plants usually combine inline fine filters such as the Arkal Spin Klin, with AdTech's proprietary filtration/adsorption units, known as 'Gigasorbers' and 'Megasorbers'.

These units use our Australian-made ANJAN MSX filtration/adsorption medium that removes contaminants in solution as well as adsorbing colour and odour. The plants are typically used in the latter stages of the Aquaculture production cycle, especially in purge tanks, removing elements such as Geosmin from the water.

These elements accumulate in fat and flesh and have a negative impact on both taste and odour in many species, which can greatly affect prices received at market.

The simple equation is: Clean water = Clean fish

ANJAN MSX is a unique plant-based filtration medium that offers high surface area for adsorption and allows excellent flowrates per square metre of filtration area. It also provides the high adsorption rates of PAC and the high permeability of GAC.

Our plants are designed to suit specific Aquaculture requirements including flow rate and inlet/outlet water quality. Multiple units can be operated in parallel or series to ensure effective results and a reduction in downtime. Plants can be skid-mounted or housed in insulated shipping containers, depending on requirements. All plants are sold with ongoing support and supply contracts to ensure hassle-free operation for many years.

AdTech plants have been used successfully in the live crayfish export industry as well as an intensive Murray Cod production facility. Separate to Aquaculture, they also have a long and proud track record of excellence and dependability on numerous military bases throughout Australia and in the USA, in the aviation industry, recovering lanolin from sheep shearing operations and treating potable water among other applications.