Specialists in treating and recycling aviation industry liquid wastes

Aviation - Maintenance/Repair/Overhaul (MRO) of Jet Engine

RAAF Amberley F111 Engine Business Unit (EBU)

Wastewater from the cleaning and rinsing of jet engine parts is contaminated with jet fuel, solvents, caustic cleaning agents and traces of metals. The EBU is currently operated for Defence by Tasman Aviation Engineering (TAE). This water is collected in underground storage tanks and until October 2005 was taken off-site for disposal.

AdTech installed a transportable treatment plant at that time and has since treated more than 1.5 million litres of this waste rendering it suitable for discharge to sewer under the EBU’s discharge licence agreement. AdTech staff attend the site on a regular basis as required.

The wastewater is drawn from the underground storage tanks and through an AdTech clarifier unit to remove gross solids. The water is then passed through an AdTech Megasorber filtration/adsorption unit, which renders the water suitable for discharge.

The plant is owned and operated by AdTech and the treatment is billed on a ‘per litre’ basis. AdTech’s price is approximately 60% less than the price for off-site disposal. Defence has saved more than $200,000 via this treatment option.

A service visit report is completed and countersigned by the EBU operator at the conclusion of each visit. This report details the volume treated, any solid waste disposal required and samples taken. These reports are completed at each of AdTech’s work sites with one copy retained by us and another retained by the client on-site. These reports provide a valuable tool in terms of governance and the environmental reporting for each waste stream.