Specialists in treating and recycling aviation industry liquid wastes

Airfield Runoff

US Naval Air Station, North Island, CA. and USMC Air Station, Camp Pendleton

AdTech’s associated company in the USA, Enviremedial Services Inc, has managed the airfield oil/water separators on both airfields on North Island and Camp Pendleton for many years. The service includes recovery of oil, recovery and treatment of solid waste and recycling of the water so that the separators can be recharged after cleaning without using city water. The separators are cleaned and maintained by ESI on a regular schedule. Having these units cleaned and maintained protects against fuel and oil entering and polluting the sewer and stormwater systems.

There are large refuelling areas on both of these military air bases and as such there is always a chance that stormwater can be contaminated with jet fuel. Installation of the best available separator technology together with regular scheduled maintenance is the most effective way of protecting airfield operators from damage (both environmental and in terms of PR) caused by pollution incidents.

ESI uses a transportable treatment unit (TTU) to service the separators. These truck-mounted plants contain Oil/Water Separators, solids filtration and Megasorber Filtration/Adsorption units.