serving the military for three decades

Management of Oil/Water Separators USMC Camp Pendleton

US Marine Corp Base, Camp Pendleton, C.A.

AdTech's U.S. sister company, Enviremedial Services Inc. (ESI) has had a continuous contract at Camp Pendleton since 1999. It is tasked with the management and maintenance of over 100 oil/water separators on the base, ranging from 800 to 300,000 litres in capacity. Mobility is the key benefit here. Treatment plants are truck-mounted, enabling the servicing of all these waste-generating sites within Camp Pendleton.

Using the AdTech Technologies, a mobile treatment system and soil washer, the results achieved to date have been outstanding:

ESI has minimised regulated waste hauled off-site by 96.7% (achieving the Department of Defence minimisation mandate).

  • All water treated (100%) is recycled
  • Sediment is improved from original contamination levels of between 10,000 and 30,000 mg/L total petroleum hydrocarbons, to a far cleaner end result of 500 to 1,500 mg/L

A similar contract exists at US Army Base, Fort Bliss, Texas in which the newly decontaminated sediment can itself be recycled to produce bricks for use in construction projects on the base.

As part of the Camp Pendleton contract, ESI also regularly treats effluent from fire-training exercises contaminated with fire fighting foam (AFFF). This effluent is treated in batches of 200,000 litres at a time to a quality suitable for recycling.